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AIB-99 Conquest of the Land Through 7,000 Years
AIB-99 is a 24-page booklet of a personal study completed by Dr. Walter Clay Lowdermilk from 1938 - 1939. (1999)
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AH-590 Ponds-Planning, Design and Construction*
Available as a downloadable PDF only. AH-590 is an 85-page handbook that describes the requirements for building a pond. (1997)
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PA-1615 Buffers-Conservation Buffers Work Economically
PA-1615 Conservation Buffers Work Economically and Environmentally. This brochure describes what a buffer is, where they are needed, and why they work. (2000)
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  Buffers-Buffer Solutions for Pork Production
This brochure describes the benefits of buffers to pork producers. When combined with other conservation practices, buffers help protect surface and ground water quality.
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  SQ-Rangeland Soil Quality-Org. Matter
Available as a downloadable PDF only! Soil Quality Information Sheet - Rangeland Soil Quality - Organic Matter outlines the composition of soil organic matter, what affects it, and why it's important. (2001)
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PA-2030 Appeals Brochure--How Can It Help You?
When a USDA program participant has been adversely impacted by an NRCS technical review determination or program decision, that participant has the option to appeal. This brochure explains the appeal process and its steps. (2009)
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  Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices-Sum.*
Restricted to 10 copies for non-NRCS employees. Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices: Assessment, Recommendations, and Knowledge Gaps Executive Summary This 12 page booklet on Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) summarizes findings from the scientific literature on common NRCS-recommended rangeland management practices, and recommends practice and programmatic enhancements. (2011)
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  Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Prac.-Web site
This link will take you to the Rangeland Literature Synthesis web page where you can download the book "Conservation Benefits of Rangeland Practices: Assessment, Recommendations, and Knowledge Gaps" and the Executive Summary. .
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  Growing Organic: NRCS Assistance for Organic Farmers
Restricted to 990 for states; 180 for organic partners, 1 for public.. This beautifully illustrated 32 page publication visually depicts how NRCS can assist organic or transitioning growers. Many of these conservation practices are useful on all kinds of farms. (2017)
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