Publications Statistics

  Today   Total
Publications Downloaded:   79   294,483
Publications Ordered Online:   6   87,089
Publications Ordered Standard:   2   29,548
Total Publications Requested:   87   411,120

Percentage of Ordering from   Today   Overall
Publications Downloaded:   90.80 %   71.63 %
Web Orders:   6.90 %   21.18 %
Standard Requests:   2.30 %   7.19 %

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Publication downloading was implemented on 7.31.2002 and is updated with each download of any publication.
Order statistics are since launch of the website, are updated upon successful placement of an order and submission to the database, and are accumulated based on how many publications were ordered.

Orders are defined as orders completely placed via the web and submitted to the packaging center.
Downloaded publications are defined as any publication whose "PDF Available" link was clicked.

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